Franklin Property Corporation

Franklin Property Corporation is a real estate investment, development and consulting company headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan. In its capacities as both principal and consultant, Franklin Property Corporation has been involved in the management, development and financing of millions of square feet of office, industrial, retail and hotel properties and over 20 residential communities.

Franklin Property Corporation specializes in the acquisition and development of fine residential communities and commercial properties. The company combines considerable resources with unmatched expertise in site planning, zoning, financing and construction management to create high-quality communities with distinctive character.

Through the consulting services division, the company extends the benefit of its expertise to real estate investors and developers, lenders, attorneys, accountants and other success-minded individuals in the industry to creatively develop and implement solutions to challenging projects.

A vast skill set and experience are needed in positive economic cycles to create asset value. Likewise, in today’s challenging environment, experience, skill and innovative strategies are necessary to meet the monumental threats facing the real estate industry.

Andrew Milia, President