700 New Homes Planned

As seen in The Independent

Franklin Property Corporation is planning to build a new sub-division in Dundee, just north of the new high school building. The plan is for 700 new houses. Village President Jim Roe said that the houses will not be built all at once, but only on demand as they sell.

“Yes, the plan is for 700 houses, but in what time span? Maybe seven to 10 years,” said Mr. Roe. “They’re not going to build 50 or 100 homes and have them sit there. “They only build homes they can fill,” said Mr. Roe. “I imagine that in years to come it probably will fill up.”

Village Council member Ed Craft serves on the Planning Commission. He said that the homes would all be single-family, stick-built houses.

“Some of the zoning is RA-1 and some is RA-3 with smaller lots,” said Mr. Craft. ” They brought us two different layouts, but they were conceptual plans only, with no site plan submitted. It’s not chiseled in stone.”

He added that the developer had planned to put in this subdivision before the engine plant was announced. “The subdivision fronts Dundee-Azalia Road,” said Mr. Craft. “Its northern boundary is Ty Circle Drive.”

The new subdivision will be accessed from Dundee-Azalia Road. Mr. Craft said the Planning Commission strongly suggested the developers also have access off the Ty Circle Drive extension, to ease traffic congestion and provide another outlet. Also under consideration is the extension of Ypsilanti Street, but there may be some complications involved in that with Detroit Edison power lines and poles, so it may not happen.

“No start date has been mentioned that I know of. None of this has come before the Village Council yet,” said Mr. Roe. “It is still at the Planning Commission stage.”

Originally, Franklin Property Corp. had options on 60 more acres to the north, but gave up the options to the new engine plant, which is expected to break ground sometime in late March or early April.