Through the consulting and construction management affiliates of Franklin Property Corporation, Franklin Consulting Company, LLC and Franklin Construction Company, LLC, we are accomplished at providing a variety of third-party services to real estate owners, investors, developers, lenders, attorneys and accountants.

Franklin Consulting Company is adept at creatively developing and implementing solutions to a myriad of complex real estate challenges. With over 32 years of experience in diverse development, financing and management, Franklin Consulting manages assignments from an owner’s perspective, employing innovative skills and effective decision making.

The land development and construction arm of Franklin Property Corporation, Franklin Construction Company, has years of experience in working with local and state governmental agencies to obtain necessary approvals for the development of commercial properties as well as residential subdivisions and condominium complexes. We work closely with owners and consultants to create the best possible site plan for a property and negotiate and manage contracts for the site work from clearing to landscaping. Vertical construction can also be managed.

Asset Management

We have experience managing all types of commercial and residential properties. Unlike institutional management companies that require long-term commitments, we are able to assist clients with both short-term and long-term and short-term management needs. Through our vast experience in construction, we are prepared to assist in the management of a variety of projects, including partially completed buildings as well as those requiring extensive build-out or repair.

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Asset Marketing & Disposition

Focusing on the client’s value objections and timeline, we excel in the disposition of commercial real estate, including residential, retail, commercial, industrial, hotel and golf course facilities. We are adept with creative approaches to sales including marketing for adaptive reuse. Utilizing our expertise in the zoning, site planning and entitlement processes, we represent owners through complicated rezoning and due diligence procedures often necessary to facilitate a sale. Our long-term relationships with local and national real estate brokers maximize market exposure for the successful disposition of properties.

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Construction Management

We are skilled in all aspects of construction, from complicated underground infrastructure construction to the interior completion of commercial and residential buildings. Extensive, long-term relationships with leading engineers, architects and subcontractors facilitate the effective completion of new construction on office, industrial, retail, hotel or housing projects, as well as comprehensive renovations and custom build-outs. Our firm is currently representing several premier homebuilding companies, providing infrastructure construction management for medium and large scale projects. We have completed the development portion of 10 new subdivisions in southeast Michigan in the past 3 years.

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Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to attorneys for a wide array of legal matters relating to real estate, including zoning, site design, feasibility, financing, development, construction, valuation, management and other related issues. We are available for all elements of the process, from pre-trial preparation and consulting to trial testimony. We have successfully testified in arbitration proceedings as well as in circuit court and federal court on complicated real estate issues for some of the state’s largest law firms.

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Loan Workout Negotiations

The recent credit crisis produced numerous loan defaults and credit issues among real estate lenders and borrowers. Both lenders and borrowers have sought our assistance with a wide range of complicated financial issues and we are successfully assisting clients in loan workout transactions including loan modifications, loan extensions, discounted payoff agreements and forbearance agreements. We rely on decades of experience structuring creative and strategic solutions for each unique circumstance.

Over the past 6 years representing sophisticated property owners and developers, we have negotiated over 50 loan modifications with some of the nation’s largest banks, life insurance companies and CMBS lenders on loan transactions totaling in excess of $300,000,000.

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Mortgage Financing

Through our involvement as a principal, we have procured hundreds of millions of dollars to finance new and existing development for commercial and residential properties. Acting in our role as a third-party fiduciary, we have been involved in half a billion dollars of mortgage financing with the nation’s largest banks, CMBS conduit lenders and life insurance companies. We have assisted our clients in obtaining operating lines of credit as well as multi-million dollar mortgage loans and mezzanine financing structures.

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Project Entitlements

We have been involved in over 50 successful site plan approvals and rezonings for commercial and residential developments during the past 32 years. We have extensive experience working with various governmental and regulatory agencies, including county drain commissions and road commissions, MDEQ and municipal building departments to handle the stringent approval requirements and on-going regulatory issues related to development and construction. In addition to developing its own portfolio, the company has assisted other builders and developers in the zoning and site plan approval process and has obtained 10 site plan approvals in 6 different municipalities in the past 3 years.

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Property Evaluation & Due Diligence

Through its long involvement in asset acquisition, development and ownership, our firm is skilled at evaluating all types of property—whether partially built, completed or in disrepair. We are prepared to assist in the evaluation of construction issues, legal matters, entitlement compliance, accounting and feasibility issues, as well as matters such as foreclosure, estate planning, forensic due diligence or investigation preceding buyout of a partnership interest. We have also testified in Circuit and Federal court as an expert witness on such issues.

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Receivership Services

In the role of court-appointed receiver, we capably guide an entity through the transition process, including partnership disputes, mortgage foreclosures and other complex estate issues.

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